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Where are we located?
Fourteen miles away from Leavenworth, uphill. We are at 1800 feet elevation, and Leavenworth is at 1200. We are in the historic Beaver Valley, surrounded by mountains, a beautiful 360 Degree mountain view.

What do I need to bring?
Just food, and personal items you want. These are complete homes.

When can we see the farm animals?
The best time is to pre-arrange and participate in the evening feeding. Children are welcome.

Winter for the less adventurous?
Cross country skiing or snowshoeing from your door. Make snowmen and snowforts. Slide on our own slide hill. Safe, away from the crowds, no sno-park permits required. We like families and extended families.

Are there any restaurants?
The Old Mill Cafe is next door, within walking distance. There are 2 or 3 within 10 minutes drive. All the way from fast food to fine dining. Twenty minutes away in Leavenworth there is a huge selection of restaurants.

Can I buy supplies there?
The little village of Plain has a country grocery store, hardware store and laundromat.

Our roads are safer than the highway. The County plows as needed all winter. The school buses use our road and go up and over Beaver Hill to Leavenworth. You normally will not need chains if you have good tires. Remember the State "requires" you carry chains when traveling the passes, but its rare to have to put them on. We plow our own interior roads. 10 mph please.

Four beautiful, distinct seasons. Each with its own fun "Things to Do"

Winter, or the first snow, usually starts just after Thanksgiving. We normally go through winter with 1 to 3 feet on the ground until just after Valentines Day. ( We plow our own roads.) Remember Mother Nature is not always normal! Day temps. average 25-40 degrees, nights 15-25 degrees. Check your weather and pass reports.

Spring, gets underway about mid-March to mid June. Lots of wildflowers, and birds returning April/May. Temperatures about 60 plus during the day, with frosts at night.

Summer, comes in fast! One day its spring and then its summer. Anytime from mid-may to mid-June. 80-90 degree days, once in a while, 95 degrees. Little or no rain. Low humidity, cool, comfortable evenings.

Autumn, starts in September with the first frosts. Full autumn leaf beauty by the last week of September through most of October. 50-60 degree days, frost at night.

How did we get so lucky to live in such a beautiful place? We discovered the area over 20 years ago, and found we did not have to spend all winter in the rain. Shortly thereafter we purchased 50 acres in Plain, and began restoration of the historical property and buildings!

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